Learn How to Feel More in Control of Your Emotions!

For sensitive empathic people, the current world situation is extremely challenging, especially from an emotional point of view.

We've been feeling the despair, confusion and uncertainty so deeply that it's often been difficult for us to keep a balance. Even if we've put boundaries in place to stop ourselves from taking on other people's emotions, it's been really tough and has affected our wellbeing more than we'd like to admit.

This guide has been designed to teach you easy ways to feel less stressed, more at peace and able to cope with daily life.

Trust me to provide you with easily accessible tools & techniques to improve your emotional wellbeing, within a few hours or days.

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Sarah Brown Haté - SBHMentoring

Hi, I'm Sarah!
Your wellbeing coach, teacher, healer, speaker, best-selling author, and radio show creator/host, trained in
neuro-linguistic, emotional and energy healing techniques, helping you to free yourself from past conditioning, overcome your fears & doubts, and
transform your life.

Since March 2020, our emotional wellbeing has been severely challenged.

Whether or not we believe that this is a necessary shake-up for humanity, there's no denying that our emotions have been, and still are, all over the place.

To say that we've been on an emotional rollercoaster is probably an understatement! Being on this rollercoaster is something that I’ve learnt to accept and live with over the years, using various tools and techniques.

In my opinion, there’s only so much we can do alone, and there comes a time when it’s essential to get help if we want to restore some kind of balance to our life.

Let me share my tried and tested ways of letting go of those heavy feelings that weigh you down, so that you can start enjoying life again!

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Take control of your emotions
before your emotions take control of you!

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