Emotional Healing

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your own emotions, feel like you’re unable to manage your stress or want to release your fears? If you’ve spent lots of time, energy and money talking to psychologists yet still live with your past pain and fears, then this is for you.


What is Emotional Healing?

Simply put, it’s a process to help you heal from your painful life experiences, whether that relates to your childhood, your personal life or your career. The emotional healing that I offer combines the power of EFT (emotional freedom technique) and Inner Child Therapy, meaning that we get to the root of your pain, fears and lack of self-confidence.

As a qualified EFT practitioner and Inner Child Therapist, I facilitate your emotional healing by gently guiding you to release anything that’s holding you back.

Below is a link to a YouTube video where I explain more about what EFT is and how it can benefit you.

How Will It Help Me?

If you tend to control your emotions and minimise your pain by putting on a brave face, smiling on the outside and crying on the inside, then emotional healing is the right offer for you. We all experience challenges such as the loss of a loved one, a job or a health problem. These challenges can bring up a whole range of emotions, like grief, unworthiness, or insecurity.

Whenever we experience a traumatic event (it could be a single event or something that is repeated), our body registers it somewhere, together with the emotions that we felt at that moment in time. This traumatic event can then transform itself into a limiting belief, lack of self-esteem, self-confidence and/or self-love, for example.

A lot of us experience trauma as children and grow up believing that there’s something fundamentally wrong with us. The wounds that we receive can make it hard for us to have healthy relationships, both with ourselves and others, and affect the way we live our lives.
Working with me to heal your emotions opens the door to more joy, freedom and empowerment!

Benefits of Emotional Healing Work

"Sarah holds space beautifully to allow you to let go gently and efficiently the things that have become blocked. She guides you through a process of understanding, release and recalibration. A beautiful lady who is a gifted therapist & coach."
Sarah Dupont
"We had an EFT session, and all I can say is that it left me feeling completely at ease and inner peace. I have never been a woman to ask for help and my life is actually full of some quite overwhelming stuff! It is all in a beautiful sense of order and I'm feeling much better about it all. Thank you Sarah Haté for your amazing kindness, your intuitive powers and sensitivity are just awesome."
Ros Thompson

Get My EFT-Meditation Package

I have curated a beautiful package for you to access an EFT (tapping) session to help you release the need to be anything more than just you, plus a guided meditation to help you feel your authentic self again.

With my guidance, you will release feelings of never being enough, being a complete impostor, or undeserving and unworthy, and feel safe to express your authentic self and assert your boundaries, as well as release all fear, judgement, comparison, criticism and need for approval so that you can show up as you are.

The cause of ALL negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system