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 A beautiful combination of energy work, emotional release, empowerment, intuition, empathy, compassion and love!

I’m Sarah, your SOUL-Based Healer and Mentor

I help empathetic women who identify as people pleasers, perfectionists, and high achievers. Together, we explore their inner resources, connect to their inner child and uncover their true self. I’m on a mission to empower women like you to transform their past into inner peace, harmony and connection to SOUL, so that you can have healthy relationships, connect to the Universe and live a life free of guilt, judgement and fear.

Are you ready to find out what you receive when you choose to work with me?

Acknowledge, accept, integrate and process difficult emotions that you’ve been holding onto and that are preventing you from experiencing joy, happiness and freedom.

Restore the balance and flow of energy throughout the four layers of your energy field (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), to come back into alignment with yourself.

Find confidence in yourself again, shine your inner light in your outer world and unearth your power and potential, thanks to tools such as NLP, visualisation and meditation.

"Thank you for the attention you gave me during the workshop. I have to say that I’m no longer the same and will leave having learnt a lot, feeling more at peace with myself and ready to distance myself from certain people and situations."
- Joelle, France
Group Workshop
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have had a lot of real wow moments. I would meditate on the question of the day and then be filled with inspirational quotes, insight, direction which was all channelled. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sarah. This has been a very personal but inspiring journey."
- Shelina, UK
Group Programme
"Sarah kept an open mind and accepted my answers to her questions, even if they did expose unlikeable truths! I liked the gentle persuasions to reinstate my goals, guide me to rediscover my ideals and attain self-efficacy. I connected well to Sarah, her role as a coach is excellent. She shows a genuine interest, is friendly, compassionate and has a lovely manner that makes one feel at ease straight away."
- Elena, Australia
121 Coaching
"I came to see Sarah for two main reasons: to accept the fact that my mother didn’t want me and to be able to put myself first as I’d had enough of being a people pleaser. Sarah and I formed a tandem and worked hand in hand to help me find a new balance in my life, position myself as the woman I truly am and define my personal boundaries. I thank her immensely for her professional mentoring approach."
- Vanessa, France
121 Coaching

As a teacher, best-selling author and speaker, I’m available for collaborative opportunities both off and online. I love teaching groups, writing in collaborative books and speaking on podcasts and radio.

To find out if we’re in alignment with each other, visit my Media page.

"I particularly appreciated Sarah’s multidimensional mentoring: her empathy, open-mindedness, adaptability, inner wisdom, enthusiasm, and clairvoyance. Thanks to her welcoming approach, I was able to accept the fact that I am a medium and have now added this offer to my business as a sophrologist."
- Beatrice, France
121 Coaching
"Sarah helped me to have confidence in myself again, open up to others, let go of fear and doubt and listen to my body. I’ve also managed to find my voice, reconnect to myself, and enjoy life. I now know what I want and no longer do what others expect me to do."
- Patricia, France
Group Workshop

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