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I’ve had the privilege of being a contributor to online magazines, a coauthor in several international best-selling books and a guest on some top industry podcasts. I love teaching groups, writing, and speaking, and am available for collaborative opportunities both off and online. If you’re looking for guest speakers or contributors to written publications, let’s talk.

I recently joined the wonderful team of presenters on YOWAH Radio, with my weekly show, Wellbeing Wednesday. This show discusses relational, emotional, and energetic well-being based on my life experiences, my training and the tools that helped me go from being a people pleaser, always wanting to control everything, afraid to speak up and totally disconnected from who I really am, to a passionate coach, teacher, and healer. Join me every week at 8pm GMT for an hour of communication, celebration, and connection with our soul.

Click below to read my published articles, listen to my interviews, purchase the books I’ve written in and listen to the replays of my radio show episodes.

Honouring the Knowings of My Soul

Listen to my chat with Katie Carey, the publisher of Co-creating with the Divine and founder of Soulful Valley, as we talk about our entrepreneurial journeys. We explore the intricate relationship between money and love, emphasising the significance of aligning personal values with financial goals. I explain how our inner light is our guide and how I made an important decision based on what my soul was needing.

The episode begins at 6 minutes 15 seconds of the recording and concludes with a meditation session, allowing you to engage in deep reflection and introspection.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Life®

I loved chatting with Laura Muirhead, the founder of this podcast, healer, artist, and sage, as I talked about the health problems I had that led me to let go of control, reconnect to my soul, and set up my own business.

When this was recorded, I was celebrating the 14th anniversary of my business and the launch of my new website. We mention energy healing, family tree work, and the mind-body connection, amongst other things.

The Shifting of Consciousness – from Victim and Rescuer to Coach and Creator

Listen to my chat with Katie Carey, the publisher of Entangled No More and founder of Soulful Valley, as we talk about how both of our lives have evolved since we met in 2021 and about my chapter in the international best-seller.

One of the things that I mentioned was how I thought that there was something really wrong with me for SO MANY years, because I was called out for being too sensitive, so serious and not fun enough. I’ve always been intuitive but hid this away from myself and the rest of the world for most of my life, again because of how I was made fun of when talking about it.

The Day The Universe Put Me On The Right Path

Listen to my chat with Katie Carey, the publisher of Evolving on Purpose and founder of Soulful Valley, a few weeks before the book was launched and became an international best-seller!

I share how I came to write in the book, how I work, the outcomes I work towards with my clients, and how I was put on the right path after a massive slipped disc back in 2008.

Conversation with Hannah Marie, a Fellow Highly Sensitive Woman in Business

Hannah Marie and I connected online in 2021 and have since become close friends as empathetic women in business.

Hannah’s recently launched a series of inspiring conversations, called Conversations with Empathetic Women in Business, and invited me to join her to share some of my journey. 

Some of the things we talk about are toxic relationships, wearing masks to fit in, learning to love yourself, my near-death and out-of-body experiences, the challenges I’ve faced in business and my top tips to lean into your sensitivity and make it work in and for business.

My journey to become a coach, helping others get to the root of what's holding them back

Listen in to the interview/chat I had with the wonderful Mark Stephen Pooler! We talked about embracing our gifts, freeing ourselves from unhealthy family and society legacy, unconditional love, meditation, gratitude, visualization, intuition, sharing and caring.

Back then, I called myself a Life Transition Coach, before being guided to change to a SOUL-Based Healer and Mentor in October 2022.


Here you will find the books I have co-authored for you to buy on Amazon.

Entangled No More

- “The Shifting of Consciousness: From Victim and Rescuer to Creator and Coach”

This book focuses on toxic relationships and my chapter describes how I learned to heal from manipulation, emotional blackmail and abuse, through forgiveness, journaling and energy work. I talk about self-judgment, guilt, betrayal, sensitivity, intuition and karma.

Evolving on Purpose - Volume 1

- “The Day the Universe Put Me on the Right Path”

I share how my body showed me that I had become totally unaligned with my life back in 2008 and how this led to me reclaiming my inner power, resigning from my job and starting my own business.

The Secrets of 99 Successful Women

- “Intuition, Faith and Trust”

I openly share my fear of really stepping into and owning my success, learning to read the signs from the universe and embracing intuition, faith and trust, no matter what.

Evolving on Purpose - Volume 2

- “Honouring the Knowings of My Soul”

The theme is co-creating with the Divine. I chose to focus on some of the decisions I have made as a result of my conscious connection to the universe, the power of setting intentions and calling on my spirit guides and guardian angels.


Here you will find my published articles for you to download as PDFs to read. 


I am the creator and host of Wellbeing Wednesday on YOWAH Radio every week at 8pm GMT.

Join me every week for an hour of communication, celebration and connection with our soul.

This show discusses relational, emotional and energetic well-being based on my life experiences, my training and the tools that helped me go from being a people pleaser, always wanting to control everything, afraid to speak up and totally disconnected from who I really am, to a passionate coach, teacher and healer.

Here are the replays to all of my previous radio shows. To make sure that you don’t miss any, sign up to my radio show community newsletter here.

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I talk about how to cultivate good relationships, both personal and business, and how to
manage toxic relationships

I talk about the connection between our mind and body, the importance of connecting to our heart and the meaning of the main aches and pains we all have.

I talk about having faith in what we can’t see, co-creating with the universe, setting intentions instead of goals and synchronicity.

I’m joined by Dr. Manoj Krishna, founder of HappierMe, to talk about inner peace, understanding and happiness.

I talk about celebrating our achievements, identifying and living by our values and practising gratitude.

I talk about some reasons for feeling overwhelmed, how to prioritise and decide what’s important for us and my top tips to calm the overwhelm.

I am joined by Grief Coach Carol Banens, who will be explaining how we can find gratitude in grief and the importance of having our grief witnessed.

I share some great insights about letting go of fear, doubt and any negativity during a full moon ritual and giving thanks for the lessons learned and successes in our life.

I share my thoughts on making room for miracles in your life, especially in 2024, a year of abundance and prosperity, and guide you through a 4-step practice to start leading a miraculous life.

Self-trust is the first secret of success, according to Ralph Waldo Emerson. I share my tried and tested ways of learning to trust ourselves, no matter what, to boost our confidence.

I’m joined by MaRiza Noyama-Zee, a healing practitioner and founder of Full Awakening, to talk about how essential it is to cultivate conscious connection with ourselves, others and the world around us.

I choose to talk about the bestselling book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, and its teachings which help us find personal freedom. By being impeccable with our word, not taking anything personally, not making assumptions and always doing our best, we can free ourselves from societal conditioning.

This episode focuses on taking action to move forwards, feeling the way we want to feel, and not criticizing past actions. I also share some questions to ask when taking action, and reasons why we may not fulfill our intentions.

I talk about self-confidence and how to nourish it using the acronym CONFIDE: Communication, Optimism, Natural, Faith, Intelligence, Dare, Experience. For more resources, you can read my blog.

I’m joined by Bao Yang, an empathic website copywriter, to talk about embracing who we are, our willingness to heal, and taking ownership of our wellbeing. We mention boundaries, trust, and imposter syndrome.