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Welcome to my Media page 💖

I’ve had the privilege of being a contributor to online magazines, a coauthor in several international best-selling books and a guest on some top industry podcasts.

I love teaching groups, writing, and speaking, and I am available for collaborative opportunities both off and online. If you’re looking for guest speakers at your events or contributors to written publications, let’s talk.

Back in November 2023, I joined the wonderful team of presenters on YOWAH Radio, with my weekly show, Wellbeing Wednesday. This show discusses relational, emotional, and energetic well-being based on my life experiences, my training and the tools that helped me go from being a people pleaser, always wanting to control everything, afraid to speak up and totally disconnected from who I really am, to a passionate coach, teacher, and healer. Join me every week at 8pm GMT for an hour of communication, celebration, and connection with our soul.

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Since I became a best-selling author, I have been invited onto several different podcasts and platforms. Here’s a selection of my interviews. To listen to them all, simply click below.

Honouring the Knowings of My Soul

Interview with Katie Carey

We explore the intricate relationship between money and love, emphasizing the significance of aligning personal values with financial goals. I explain how our inner light is our guide and how I made an important decision based on what my soul was needing.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Life®

Interview with Laura Muirhead

I talk about the health problems I had that led me to let go of control, reconnect to my soul, and set up my own business. We also mention energy healing, family tree work, and the mind-body connection, amongst other things.

Conversations with Empathetic Women in Business

Interview with Hannah Marie

We talk about toxic relationships, wearing masks to fit in, learning to love yourself, my near-death and out-of-body experiences, the challenges I’ve faced in business and my top tips to lean into your sensitivity and make it work in and for business.


Here, you will find the books I have co-authored for you to buy directly on Amazon. If you would prefer a signed copy, please let me know. Find out more about each of the books here:


Writing is one of my favourite tools to express my thoughts and feelings. Here, you will find some of my published articles for you to download as PDFs to read. The rest can be found here.

Published: International Coaching News (ICN);
27th Edition

Published: 8th March 2023;


I am the creator and host of Wellbeing Wednesday on YOWAH Radio every week at 8pm GMT. This show discusses relational, emotional, and energetic wellbeing based on my life experiences, my training and the tools that helped me to transform my life.

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This episode focuses on how it is good at times to go back to basics, especially when we’re going through a period of self-doubt. I share a great parable about deciding what’s most important for you, Maslow’s six physiological needs and creating a happy home.

This week I was joined by Devorah Spilman, an intuitive coach and master storyteller for over 30 years.She helps writers, creatives and entrepreneurs to find the clarity and confidence to tell their deep, authentic story, to live their purpose and transform their lives.

This episode marks the 6-month anniversary of Wellbeing Wednesday and was recorded on Beltane, May 1st! I begin by sharing information about the importance of this date and then continue with a definition of wellbeing that I collated from my guests’ answers to the question “How would you define wellbeing?”. I finish by explaining how we can conserve our wellbeing, a necessary tool in today’s world!

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