Energy Healing

Working with and on our energy is, in my opinion, one of THE keys to healing. I personally believe that energy healing goes hand in hand with emotional healing, as all emotions are energy moving through the body (energy in motion (e-motion)). If you’re feeling out of balance, lacking energy, or affected by your environment, then this could be just what you need!


What is Energy Healing?

According to research published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine, if Western medicine applied the principles of modern physics, it would understand human beings are composed of information (energy) interacting with other energy (environment) to profoundly impact our physical and emotional health.

The basis of all energy healing is to work on different meridian and/or acupressure points to balance and improve the flow of energy through the body, and trigger healing responses in the body.

As a qualified IET® (integrated energy therapy) practitioner and Singing Bowl Therapist, I facilitate your energy healing by restoring balance to your energy field.


How Will It Help Me?

IET® is a little-known modality with far-reaching effects. As mentioned by its founder, Stevan Thacker, it is a powerful energy therapy system that gets the “issues out of your tissues” for good! This technique has been summed up as integrating the pain of the past into the power of the present to bring about the joy of the future.

Energy healing not only relieves physical pain like headaches or back pain; it can also boost your immune system, improve your concentration and alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression.

Working with me to heal your energy provides you with wonderful sensations that you’ve never experienced before, a clearer vision of your future and even messages from the Universe!

Benefits of Energy Healing Work

"My session was powerful and really got to the root of what I’d been having an issue with for the longest time. The physical sensations that accompanied the release of old energies were unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I was left with a deep sense of peace and connection to my inner strength. Sarah, you’re definitely in your zone of genius here, thank you for this profound healing."
- Carolanne
"An amazing experience. Sarah took me through a wonderful healing session that allowed me to experience sensations that I have never felt before. Sensations that had a wonderfully positive feeling on my whole body. Highly recommend Sarah."
- Debbie

Trauma is energy that hasn’t been allowed to express itself safely.

– Lee Harris, Energy Intuitive

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